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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 25, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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[ playing "amazing grace" ] >> for all the families remembers loved ones today, we are thinking about you. we are grateful for you and for them and their sacrifices. that does it for me. jon berman is in for jake tapper "the lead" starts now. 12 people in texas right now lost in the floods. i'm jon berman as this is "the lead." the national lead. 400 homes torn from their foundations. three people confirmed dead from the floodwaters in textfexz. so much water on the ground the slightest of showers could mean more devastation and more rain on the way. the world lead. the war to stop isis seems to be coming undone. now iran says the u.s. failed to stop the terrorists while the u.s. secretary of defense blames the iraqis saying they simply don't have the will to fight.
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also in national two f-15s flying wing to wing with an air france jet escorting it to new york's jfk airport. what prompted this welcoming party and could other planes be in danger? [ playing taps ] >> this was the poignant scene in arlington national cemetery as a nation honors those who gave their last full measure of devotion to this country. welcome to "the lead," everyone. i'm jon berman in today for jake tapper. on this memorial day, a serious weather situation threatening millions in the south. it is bad and could get worse. severe weather assaulting texas this weekend. record-setting rain swelling into savage floods that washed away entire towns and claimed at least three lives. one of those killed has been identified as captain jason
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farley a firefighter in clairmore, oklahoma. farley gave his life rescuing children from their flooded-out birthday party. rescue officials in texas right now are trying to find 12 people lost in the chaos. among the missing a texas mother laura mccomb, and her two children. mccomb's father told a local television station that his daughter and grandchildren were staying at a river house swept away by floodwaters last night. they have not been seen or heard from since. our ed lavandera has the latest from san marcos, texas. >> reporter: this central texas town, in the middle of the night, for thousands along the blanco river, a night of terror. >> oh my god! stop, stop stop -- he needs to get out! >> reporter: one person killed here in central texas and nearly 400 homes washed away. the floodwaters cut a winding,
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destructive path through the town of wimberley and san marcos texas. 12 people are believed missing, part of a family gathering for memorial day weekend at a river house. search and rescue teams are pushing through the debris along the river banks looking for the families which also include small children. >> never did we in our wildest imagination think about the wall of water that would come down and do the destruction. it came down rather quickly, and despite our efforts to inform the public and to warn people to evacuate and take precautions, many people did not have time to do that. >> reporter: david marmaleho cleaning of you the damage from the water and know they're lucky to be alive waking up to ankle-deep floodwaters rushing into their home. by the time they woke everybody up and got out of the house it was already knee deep. >> animals went running everywhere. the xaiest thing i'vin seen. never seen it so high the water. within a matter of two to three
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minutesance water was from ankles to your knees. >> reporter: they didn't have time to grab their dog oreo. after floodwaters receded when they came back they found oreo alive. >> go 0 ed lavandera who joivs s joins us live from telephone. what's the latest? >> reporter: the scene here as many people are starting to clean up and try to clean up, the real concern is that the rain storms continue to push through the area which obviously will not let the floodwaters recede heavily. this is where the blanco river is just through the tree line here and as you look at the bridge you can see the force of the weight of the trees that were brought down by the floodwaters wiping out parts of the guard rails on to the bridge. that means the water came up about, over this bridge, when you consider just how dramatic that is. it's a good 40-foot drop to where the blanco river is there, and the sheer force with which
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this water and all of the damage debris that came rushing through here and we have seen search and rescue teams combing up and down through this area looking for those 12 people that are missing. they've been doing that all along this stretch of the blanco river, and here, you can see the collection where a lot of this debris was forced out of the banks of the river, up on to the sides of the river banks here. far from where the river is supposed to be running. a very dangerous situation and a scary situation for the thousands of people who were caught in the middle of the night in this flash flood trying to save themselves from the onslaught that cass onecoming down river. >> footage is stunning. air yells as well. how much searches are they doing and how much preparing are they doing, because i understand there could be more rain and any rain could be very, very dangerous? >> reporter: well the word now is clearly out, and given the
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intensity of the rain it really kind of depends on how much more rainfall we see falling here in the next, you know, several days. a lot of the creeks and the small tributaries that lead into these larger rivers are obviously very filled now and that is of concern, because it won't take much more to cause that but the waters, compared to where they were 36 hours ago, have really dropped dramatically. the blanco river, you might see it through the trees as its winding its way down there, is probably a good 30 feet below this particular bridge where we're at here in the town of wimberley. a lot more rain and flash flood for all of that to rise to the levels we've already seen. those flash flood warnings are still in effect for this area. many ongourd, concerned about what the storm will bring. look at the radar, dramatic how much more rain is supposed to be coming this way.
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>> ed lavandera in wimberley, tixz. bringing in cnn's tom stelter. how much flooding could this cause? >> rewe won't see the totals from yesterday. 9, 10 11 1/2 inches but we'll see 3 and 4, enough could cause flooding. stagnant pressure warming up the east coast for a nice memorial day is blocking everything. this jet stream has been here three wreaks supporting over 200 tornadoes but giving an influx of moisture moving over the same area. here's texas. san antonio down to the south, tornado watches all over the place. north of houston where they had problems with the dam there, we've been watching that levee. this is just the beginning. yes, it's moving into the same area san marcos blanco rink oo river, san wichita as well.
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all confirmed visually by law enforcement but not seeing anything large. this one, bee cave a city in travis county. some are expiring now and we're going to have many more throughout the day. what we're hoping for the this one just expired. you see how bright the colors are, the heavy rain. we're hoping all of the super cells join hands, create one long line, and as it does that we're going to find this to be more of a wind event, and a rain event, than severe weather. still seeing some hooks, but, again, just so many warnings it's almost hard to keep up with them all. the good news now nothing large. it is affecting some population here. this one, you can see brian county 21,000 people but others as many as 50,000. this is going on several more hours until it clears to the east. that threat for flooding will continue. >> could be a tough night there. tom, we know you're track the storm throughout the hour and evening. thank you so much. i want to speak now to the mayor of san marcos texas. daniel guerrero joining us by the phone. mr. mayor, thank you so much for joining us. i know you have a lot on your
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hands right now. let me ask right off the start here what's the status in the search for these 12 missing people? >> well to begin with we thank you for the opportunity to be able to share information with our communities and residents throughout central texas. in regards to those 12 folks, the efforts are still ongoing. we're certainly at the same time trying to ensure that we're mindful of the safety of those folks and personnel out doing the search themselves. so at this point we do not have any aerial helicopters in the air, because we are currently in a rain scenario. we have had volunteers. we have had staff that have also been out searching for folks in various areas of the community. >> so the current weather situation is hampering the search efforts? >> certainly. we'll continue to search. we just have to use different strategies as opposed to the typical aerial -type strategies that would be used with a helicopter and things of that nature. >> mr. mayor, what about identifying the 12 missing
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people right now? because we had heard reports that some of them were children. we have specific reports that a mother and two children are missing? >> that particular report from my understanding, is something that's taking place, taken place earlier in the event. i think the larger of the group we're still looking to account for we do have strong leads on information regarding where they were residing where they were at during the storm event itself, and i can't really respond at least at this point in regards to numbers of adults versus children. i just don't have that information. my first responders might have more detailed information in regards to that particular question. >> and we just took a look at the weather map, and it looks ugly. look there's a lot of bright colors. a lot of red. there couldish more rain at least an inch or two headed to the area where you are. not the torrential downpours of 9, 10 inches we saw, but still,
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there isn't much flas toplace to put this water. how are you preparing, or are you prepared for the possibility of even more flooding? >> we are. we are. in fact we have since the end of the last event, encouraging people if they're heading back to their homes to evaluate damage recognize that we have and are anticipating additional showers, upwards of two inches that would be coming in at this time and certainly that has been the case. it's currently raining right now. we've been informed people throughout the community through social media, through regular media outlets, we have personnel out in the communities as well enturging people to stay away from low-lying areas. areas typically flooding. the ground is saturated. to be able to take on additional rainfall it's not a good scenario for us. any additional rain it could be hazardous. we're enurge canning people to demonstrate quite a bit of caution. >> we'll warn people right here
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right now, mayor guerrero. be careful in that area and low-lying area and more vain headed in that direction. thank you for being with us and good luck in the days ahead. >> thank you very much. a scare on a passenger plane headed for new york. fighter jets scrambled after a threat was made against the plane, and now sources telling cnn that several threatening phone calls had been received today regarding flights. we'll have that story, next.
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city. cnn's tom foreman watching both of these situations. what can you tell us? >> reporter: these two air force f-16s raced out over the atlantic to intercept this international flight making sure they stuck right with it up until the moment that it touched down amid a good many other jitters on this busy holiday weekend. air france flight 22 from paris was escorted in by u.s. fighter jets after authorities say an anonymous caller warned of chemical weapons onboard. at new york's jfk airport, passengers ss were held two hours as fbi agents searched the plane and found nothing, issuing a statement saying the plane has landed and has deboarded. there were no incidents or hazards reported onboard the flight by either the passengers or its crew. the plane has been cleared. this passenger said for the longest time he had no idea there was a problem. >> in the air, nothing. in the air, didn't feel nothing.
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when we landed and saw the -- that this is when we know that something is wrong. >> there was no discussion that these are two fighter jets that are escorting you. >> no no. >> reporter: there were other scares in the air, too. >> united 63 -- >> reporter: another threatened flight coming into newark from spain. authorities say they received threats against multiple flights and security scrambled to deal with some planes coming from europe and the middle east landing in numerous american cities including new york new jersey buffalo and atlanta. searches have so far turned up nothing. still, it was enough to rattle nerves with more than 37 million americans traveling over this holiday weekend. a ten-year record according to aaa. in washington, d.c. amid huge crowds police grew worried over the weekend about a suspicious car parked near the capitol that smelled of gasoline and obtain as propane tank and pressure cooker. once the bomb squad destroyed
1:19 pm
the cooker investigators determined it was never intended to do any harm. in retrospect all of this may see overly reactionary, essential poily to people who's holiday plans were erupted. there's no choice in this day and time than to take every threat seriously, because they never know when one might really be serious. john? >> the caution is quite understandable. tom foreman, thank you so much. the politics lead. when you thought it couldn't get bigger the 2016 presidential field will expand even more this week. expected to delair candidacy on the republican side former pennsylvania senator and previous candidate rick santorum. former new york governor george pataki and for the democrats, a potential challenger to hillary clinton. the former maryland governor martin o'malley is set to announce his decision on saturday. bring in cnn's senior political correspondent brianna keilar.
1:20 pm
so many republicans are entering the race. a big field. a whole lot of experience there. is the party concerned its too big? >> reporter: they are in some ways john because even though a crowded field means that candidates get this time to sharpen their political xig rskills it's a conundrum for debate organizers how to fit everyone on one stage. maybe they can't, as we learned. and resources and money to time to make an impact drags on pt the republican nominee may find they're at a disadvantage in the general election. a pactked republican primary field about to get even more crowded. so far six candidates have already declared and four more are expected to follow suit over the next two weeks. first up former pennsylvania senator rick santorum with an announcement event set for wednesday. the returnerup to mitt romney in 2012 encouraging republicans to continue their tradition are going with the second-place
1:21 pm
finisher from the previous cycle. >> republican parties are conservative. we stick with tradition. i would encourage you to do that in this election. >> reporter: former new york governor george pataki makes his presidential ambitions clear thursday in the first in the nation primary state of new hampshire. >> when i look at the country and the world today i think our country is at greater risk of losing our freedom that are an in the time in my lifetime. >> reporter: pataki and santorum likely joins next week by lindsey graham and rick perry bringing the official gop tally to ten, and that doesn't include potential front-runners jeb bush and scott walker plus chris christie john kasich and bobby jindal and possibly others. >> everybody's got a right who quarters to run and ride it out with 15 16 a football team-worth of candidates starting off. >> reporter: and watching all of this play out is of course
1:22 pm
hillary clinton. she and her husband bill took part in the new castle new york memorial day parade today. their first public event together since she declared. she's on to a southern swing, south, south carolina this week and bernie sanders, a candidate holding a kickoff rally tomorrow and, john former maryland governor martin o'malley announcing presidential plans saturday in baltimore. the democratic field getting a little more crowded but pretty roomy. >> i say bring them on. good for business. brianna keilar thanks so much. coming up police say he could not have acted alone, but are they any closer to finding out who helped the man who allegedly murdered four people in a mansion just blocks from the vice president's residence? new details on just who police are questioning, next. plus -- not exactly a vote of confidence. defense secretary ash carter accuses iraqi forces of running scared. so what's plan b to fight isis?
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in national news police say he had help and today the search continues for more possible suspects in the brutal torture and murders of a washington, d.c. family and their housekeeper in their mansion near the vice president's home. daron wint the only man charged in theruple murder held without bail. live in washington we have new details. pamela brown? >> reporter: witness interviews by police are raising more suspicions that daron wint was not acting alone and also raising new questions about the family's assistant. today d.c. police are hunting for more suspects who allegedly helped daron wint pull off the brutal slayings of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper. questions who was in this video fleeing the scene after the family's stolen prorsche was torched. a witness saw the porsche driven erratically out of washington with someone with short groomed
1:28 pm
hair. a different description from wint who appeared with medium-lengthed dreadlocks. >> a little difficult to believe one person to be responsible for that carnage. >> reporter: deepening the mystery mystery, court documents show the assistant changed his story several times when questioned by police alter, details how he dropped off the $40,000 at the mansion just hours before the house was torched. >> police are trained to notice inconsistencies in a story, and at this early stage, when a very important witness has some inconsistencies inconsistence inconsistences? early interviews police will take a harder look at that person. >> reporter: the assistant changed his story when his boss contacted him to pick up the money, or details about the car he left the money in at the mansion, and admitted he lied by not initially telling police the cash was in a red bag. police said the assistant texted and unidentified person a
1:29 pm
picture of that bag with money inside just four hours later, the family's home went up in flames. >> is it possible that you misremember putting money in a manila envelope as opposed to red bags? it's possible. but it starts to become less possible when just a few hours ago you texted a picture of that same bag. as these inconsistencies build up and comparing them against actual documentary edged, and by aryary evidence, i mean the photograph these inconsistencies will build up and police will look into it further. it absolutely raises an antenna. >> reporter: and as for the five people who the u.s. marshals say were with wint when arrested including his brother, we are told by d.c. police that they are no longer in custody but that does not mean they're off the hook. we're told john the investigation into anyone who has been around wint recently is still very active and i should mention we spoke to wint's father who says daron's brother
1:30 pm
was with him because he was helping him turn himself in. the story from daron wint's faurt tonight. >> seems to be left with new questions every day in this case. pamela brown, thank you so much. in our world lead -- isis terrorists slaughtering hundreds including children. most of the vickytims beheaded. iraqi troops lacks the will to fight the terror group, we're told. that's next. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake tapper today topping our world lead on "the lead," hundreds killed in the ancient city of palmyra. a human rights watchdog group says at least 11 children were among those rounded up and executed. this comes as a syrian army launches at least 15 air strikes to try to beat back this isis advance advance. straight to nick paton walsh live in baghdad this morning.
1:35 pm
nick the syrian forces military what are they trying to do to try to get palmyra back? >> reporter: rhetoric from the syrian government about this fight of the strategic town they lost to isis. questions remain whether they can launch that counteroffensive. they say they are preparing. we've known for some time that damascus is suffering to replenish it's front line troops. losing in damascus the south as well and palmyra, a malaise, many asking that perhaps this war of attrition going on now for four-plus years is beginning to make the regime significantly less defensible. john? >> nick our concern is obviously with the people. the innocent victims in palmyra, killed in some cases, brutally killed by isis. as well these antiquities,
1:36 pm
treasures some 2,000 years old. any word how isis is treating the history that's there? >> reporter: at this stage, those antiquities do not appear to be in isis possession. perhaps they're holding off to garner favor with the local population. clearly holding them very dear. typical to isis moving into population center. can be kind at first before they become more brutal and started this upon those people and also could just be waiting, frankly, for a news blast of palmyra having been taken a late stage to get further publicity about that destruction. at this stage, said to be okay. i still should point out 217 people said to have been executed by isis as they go door to door killing those with any sense of regime connection or sympathy. john? >> simply barbaric.
1:37 pm
nick paton walsh in baghdad talking about what's happening in syria, but a lot is happening in iraq as well. thank you so much. the isis takeover of palmyra comes days after isis seized ramadi some iraqi security forces following an 18-month pitch from that stip 70 mimes from bag from miled from baghdad. and barbara starr joins us live from the pentagon and barbara, i have to say, i was taken aback by the blunt assessment from the defense secretary. how are iraqis taking his harsh words? >> reporter: now john we're beginning to hear from iraqi opposition politicians who are also weighing in perhaps expectedly on their dismay about the performance of the iraqi military in that battle for ramadi. whatever did or did not happen in ramadi, it has set off a seemingly un-ending controversy. a chaotic firefight just before ramadi fell.
1:38 pm
filmed on a cell phone by an iraqi soldier. the strategic city now in the hands of isis and the u.s. defense secretary not mincing words in an exclusive interview with cnn. >> what apparently happened was that the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. they were not outnumbered. in fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force, and yet they failed to fight. they withdrew from the site. >> reporter: a comment that set off its own firestorm. vice president joe biden calmed called the iraqi prime minister pledging more training and equipment, countering the defense secretary, in a white house statement saying the vice president recognized the enormous sacrifice and bravery of iraqi forces over the past 18 months in ramadi and elsewhere
1:39 pm
abadie hit back. >> i'm surprised why he said that. he was very supportive of iraq. i'm sure as he was fed with the wrong information. >> reporter: and ahead of iran's elite quds force saying it is the u.s. that "has no will to fight isis." iraqi forces along with sunni tribal fighters and shia militias many backed by iran launched a counteroffensive east of ramadi. blame game aside, the situation remains dire. nearly 55,000 people have fled ramadi since isis captured it, and in the ancient syrian city of palmyra, isis militants have executed more than 200 people in the last ten days according to a human rights group. u.s. air strikes inside syria and iraq will continue but will never be enough carter told cnn. >> air strikes of affective, but neither they nor really anything
1:40 pm
we do can substitute for the iraqi force's will to fight. they're the ones that have to beat isil and then keep them beaten. >> reporter: so why no will to fight in ramadi? well defense officials are now telling us they've been looking at several factors. iraqi forces there may not have been even paid for some time. they were exhausted. they hadn't been given any leave to go home and see their families and many of them have already said they felt essentially very disconnected from their commanders. there is growing concern that the leadership in the iraqi military may be playing a large role in this and they may not be very loyal to their own troops essentially not looking after their own troops in the field. >> serious issues. barbara starr at the pentagon thank you. joining plea to talk about this fight against isis retired army general, former commander
1:41 pm
general of u.s. forces in europe and a cnn military analyst. general hurtly you spent significant time in iraq and are well suited for this discussion. i want to separate, if we can for a moment the political wisdom of the defense secretary ash carter making statements about an ally's military. separate whether or not he should have said it and focus on whether or not it is an accurate statement. the iraqi military did, frankly, dissolve about a year ago when isil advanced. did they show no will to fight in ramadi? >> depends ow you define "will" john. the interesting piece. the secretary's attempting to hold up a mirror to the iraqi government and saying you're still fails. you haven't pulled it together yet. you have not pulled the forces in acoordinated fashion to fight this dastardly enemy. that's on the political side as you said a minute ago. on the tactical side there were problems on the battlefield. early indicators not coordinating well between the
1:42 pm
sunni, the describe fighterstribal fighters sunni, iraqi army forces inserted from the golden division basically traveling all around the country. the more elite of the iraqi army and the police force. so you really have five uncoordinated organizations attempting to defeat isis. you also have a weather problem, but you have to fight through that. you have an intelligence problem. a logistics concern. all of these things are some things that we saw even during my last tour there in 2008 that the iraqi army had to overcome. the will of the individual iraqi soldier is there. they will fight if their leaders insert the trust that is so necessary in any military korgs. >> youa tactical issue, small tactical setback. isn't is a seriou strategic issue in the united states has been counting on the iraqi
1:43 pm
military to stand up and fight? isn't it a strategic problem and failure of the administration not to get the troops trained? >> you have hit it right on the head john. it is a tactical failure. i mean and those kind of battles go back and forth. i mean heck you can look back at the american army. our first fight in world war ii was the battle of the cassarene pass probably worse than ramadi in terms of uncoordinated action but it's an indicator of what is or is not happening from a strategic level. the iraqi government has not done the things we had hoped they would do by now. which is get all of the politicians onboard. illuminate or at least reduce the amount of sectarian tension between the sunni, the shia and kurds and unless they do those two things they're going to continue to have problems. so it is an indicator of strategic issues. so the battle itself of ramadi i mean i think the forces will take back ramadi within the next
1:44 pm
few days or weeks. they will regain the city. the problem set still remains. how does the iraqi government come together so we can support them more with the kinds of things the president and chairman dempsey and secretary carter want to do. >> trust each other inside iraq before the united states can fully trust them. general, thank you so much for being on this on this memorial day. appreciate it. >> thank you, john. coming up for us after two super bowl appearances in a row, ready to cash in. can the seattle seahawks afford to keep their star quarterback? fans hope so and are willing to chip in. what they're doing to convince the nfl star to stick around. that's next. plus she appeared in everything from "roadhoda"rhoda" and "sex and the city" and "seinfeld." we remember a comedy legend, ahead. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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hi. welcome back to "the lead." the sports lead. some new england patriots fans are trying to crowd source the cash to pay the deflategate fine. one seattle seahawks fan start
1:49 pm
add gofundme fund the keep russell wilson in seattle page is trying to raise $5 million to help the team re-sign russell wilson. it's received more than $1,000 in donations, in less than two weeks, but wilson is reportedly looking for $20 million to $25 million a year in an extension from the seahawks. despite being in two super bowls, winning one, started the third highest quarterback on his own people owned by paul allen, founded microsoft and worth 76 zillion jillion dollars. maybe they can share the wealth. and a world war ii hero wounded in combat once came close holding the title that president obama holds right now and former senate bob dole looking frisk. 91 years old. 4r569 week dole's life former
1:50 pm
senator elizabeth dole came to washington with pastor joel osteen to shine a light on the hutses wives, mothers, fathers and other family mens and friends caring for our nation's returning heroes. jake tapper caught up with olestein and dole to find out more about their campaign to honor and help these caregivers. >> you two are spear pr heading this effort hidden heroes to honor and support military and veteran caregivers. i'll ask you both start with you, senator, what role do you think faith plays when it comes to addressing issues like post-traumatic stress? >> goodness plays a major role. no question about it. we had the rand corporation do two years of studies. the first evidence-based research on military and veteran caregivers and they found that so many of the caregivers when they're in deep trouble, they turn to the clergy because they're people who need that reassurance that faith that opportunity to speak privately,
1:51 pm
too, in a quiet setting. so the role of faith is major. it's certainly major in terms of wanting to, all the people wanting to join together in a large coalition to help these caregivers. much of it is driven by faith, i think. >> yet i have to say, it's almost counter intuitive, because this is a community that has faced the worst of man. the horrors of war, what war does to people. maybe people who are inclined to think there is no god? >> yeah. i think, jake we always get that or joel if god was good how could he let that happen? there's a lot of things we don't understand. i think my bigger view is that god gives us our own freewill and unfortunately some people choose to use it in the wrong sense, but we do see, like the senator said that people in crisis they need something bigger than themselves. i mean, some of these people you know the situations are bad. they can't get out with some
1:52 pm
kind of hope or somebody helping them so they turn to their faith and that's why we've partnered with senator dole. these hidden heroes people that are just taking care of somebody 24/7 you know they need some relief. they need people to be their friend. talking to one today who said if somebody to just go get groceries. we don't need money. take the hour and give me an hour off. simple things we can help. coming up hollywood mourns the death of a comedy legend. a look back at a career that spans six amazing decades. oh, she was so good. that's next. >> a drink -- >> oh yeah. you know how to make it.
1:53 pm
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get started at welcome back to "the lead." our pop lead a sad moment for the entertainment world. anne meara passed away at the age of 85. her death prompted headlines refers to mira as ben stiller's mother. so much more. she was a comedy legend in her own right. >> here we are, now we're left with obituaries. >> obituaries? already written. ours are written. >> reporter: already written? not for anne meara, hon negligently, too much to include. the comedienne rose to fame with her husband jerry stiller doing improve. >> hershey horowitz. >> i'm mary elizabeth doyle.
1:58 pm
>> reporter: the best known bit, a last-minute idea performed for johnny carson. >> doyle. >> horowitz. >> reporter: a jewish man and catholic woman madly in love. what a pairing. on and off the screen for more than 60 years. in the early days "the ed sullivan show." >> you ignorant jew, you matzo head what do you know? >> reporter: the "carol burnett show." >> won't you come in? >> how far? >> reporter: and national commercials including windex. eventually the actors branched out to successful solo roles shining brightly on their own. >> nothing like a good brisk shower to start off a wonderful day of sitting on your bed. >> reporter: mira was a beloved guest star on "all my children," "love boat," and "rhoda".
1:59 pm
>> what do you do? >> reporter: all over the defining sitcoms of the '90s and beyond. including "seinfeld" -- >> all right. i guess that's about it. >> i got it. cups in the front. >> reporter: and "sex and the city." in total, anne meara appeared in more than 30 movies and 50 television shows over the course of six decades, even getting animated with stiller last year for disney's "planes." >> we honeymooned here 50 years ago. >> reporter: entertaining people was her passion and she continued to embrace it in new ways. in 2010 she and stiller began a web series produced by their son, the actor ben stiller. >> acha-cha. >> that's not a word. >> reporter: after his mother's death on saturday at age 85 ben stiller tweeted all of us in our family feel so luck toy have had her in our lives. >> i got lucky. i started to like him.
2:00 pm
>> reporter: and meara and her husband said luck is the secret to success. >> what is the one thing that worked? in our marriage? >> i had you. >> you had me? >> lucky to have one another. that's it for "the lead." i'm john berman filling in for jake tapper. now to brianna keilar in "the situation room." a flight bound for new york escorted by u.s. warplanes. cnn learned threats to as many as ten other airlines. hoop is behind these. and setting off a firestorm with remarks about iraqi forces in an exclusive interview with cnn. now iraq and the white house are responding. can iraqi soldiers take on isis? deadly flooding. at least a dozen people are missing after record storms sweep across parts of the u.s. killing at least three people. will there be even more severe weather today?